Thru-hull 90 degree - 3/4" 19mm

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These 90 degree elbow through hull fittings are the answer to many common plumbing issues on board:
   - allow room saving, as they can be used with a hose running alongside the hull
   - avoid making a bend in the hose, which can put stress on the hose or put stress on a straight fitting
   - enable an easier installation process by one person, ie this is easier to grip and hold steady from the inside when screwing the nut on

Suitable for deck drains, sink drains etc. 

We recommend that these are fitted at least 6" above the waterline. 

Thread: 1" BSP 
Outside diameter of thread: 30.5mm
Hose fitting: 26mm
Hull thickness: up to 30mm
All dimensions quoted +/- 1mm

Part reference: 39548