'Store-All' storage case

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The Nuova Rade 'Store-All' system is simple and adaptable, making it easy to keep the things you need close by. 

The storage cases can be either be mounted directly or clipped onto a fixed mount or a rail mount, making it possible to change things around as needed. 

This standard Store-All storage case is ideal for holding things such as mobile phones, keys etc..

It is easily installed directly onto vertical surfaces with screws or bolts.

The case is made so it can be slotted onto a Store-All mount, either on the back or underneath, holding it securely in place but movable, either when it's not in use or to fit a different Store-All component. 

By adding the rail mount, it can be attached to a handrail for easy access; and by adding the fixed mount it can be attached to any vertical or horizontal surface.



Overall: 185mm x 115mm x 80mm

One compartment: max width 92mm x max depth 60mm x height 107mm

All dimensions +/- 2mm


Part reference: 94152