Round inspection hatch 133mm - grey

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These hatches are ideal for access to storage compartments on board and ideal for inspecting fuel lines, electrical cables, control cables, battery switches and so on. 

The hatch cover has a low-profile design with hidden screws for a smart appearance.

The hatches have a deep frame (approx 22.5mm) to give them strength and they can be used in areas where they may occasionally be stepped on, eg transom wells - but we advise against installation in locations where they would be regularly stepped on. 

The hatch cover has a non-slip finish so can be used on deck. 

The hatches have a rubber o-ring to make them water-tight (approximately IPX6).

W While these hatches are water-tight, they can not be used under the waterline and similarly they should not be used to hold back fluids as they may not be 100% watertight, for example if the o-ring is disturbed by debris.

While they can be installed in the top of a water or waste tank (but above the fluid level), they should not installed in a fuel tank as the o-ring may become degraded by fuel and no longer function. 

The hatches made of tough, UV-resistant ABS plastic and are designed for external use. 


133mm ID
- Internal diameter: 133mm
- Cut-out diameter: 145mm
- Overall diameter: 187mm
Part number: 196450