Round removable hatch 185mm - grey

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Nuova Rade's standard large round inspection hatches are ideal for access to storage compartments on board and ideal for inspecting fuel lines, electrical cables, control cables, battery switches and so on. 

These hatches are made of UV-resistant high-grade plastic in order to provide resistance to damage and chemical solvents. 

The hatches have no hinges, so the cover can be completely removed to give easy access to the interior, particularly if it is installed in a confined space.

The hatches have a rubber o-ring to make them water-tight (approximately IPX6) but this may be compromised if the hatch is not installed into a flat surface. The hatches should not be installed on the outside of the hull.

The cover has a non-slip finish so the hatch can be used on deck, but it is advised that they are not installed somewhere that they may be trodden on as they are not guaranteed to take the weight of a large adult.

Screw covers are included for a smart appearance.


- Internal diameter: 185mm
- Cut-out diameter: 219mm
- Overall diameter: 265mm

Part reference: 43580