Replacement flap for deck drain

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Replacement drain flap kit for transom deck drain.

This is also supplied with hinge so that it can can be installed on its own. 

This can be used to replace the flapper part reference 47088, as well as OEM drains which are fitted to various boats including Quicksilver, Beneteau, Jeanneau etc.

Flap maximum width: 135mm
Flap height: 130mm

Dimensions of drain tube - this is not included with this item, but these dimensions presented for identification purposes.
Diameter of white transom flange: 109mm
External diameter of tube: 75mm (3 inch) 

All measurements +/-3mm

Guide to replacement of transom flaps on Quicksilver boats

This flap is marked with the Nuova Rade logo but is a direct replacement for flaps fitted to Quicksilver boats which ether had a chromed cover (which tended to discolour) and later were plain white with the 'Flying M' logo (now superseded to this). 
Quicksilver boats used two similar types of deck drain, which have slightly different hinge mechanisms:

White flap with 'Flying M' logo or 'Nuova Rade' logo (later boats) - replace with this complete assembly; or buy just the flap (part reference 49672).

Chromed flap marked 'Springfield' (early boats, tends to discolour after time) - this is no longer available and there are two options to replace it as the hinge mechanism isn't compatible with the Nuova Rade drain assembly:
     (i) remove the outer fitting and replace it with this one
     (ii) remove the chromed flap and fit a replacement flap (part reference 49672) by screwing the new hinge (supplied with the flap) to the transom after cutting off the original hinge (part of the drain fitting) and cutting the surround of the tube to make it fit.

Please note that the chromed flapper is no longer available and if you need to replace one, either fit this replacement tube and flap assembly, or change just the flap!