Industrial removable hatch 316mm x 360mm - grey

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This is Nuova Rade's premium quality deck hatch from the 'Industrial' range - it is ideal for access to storage compartments on board and ideal for inspecting fuel lines, electrical cables, control cables, battery switches and so on. 

The hatch has a non-slip surface and a low-profile design with hidden screws for a smart appearance. 

It can be mounted horizontal or vertically. The door is removable to give full access, particularly useful if there is not enough space to open a hinged hatch fully.

The hatch features a locking handle and has a rubber o-ring to make it water-tight. 

It is made of tough, UV-resistant ABS plastic and is designed for external use. 

External: 316mm x 360mm (cover, overall)
Cut-out: 250 x 300mm
Aperture: 226 x 276mm

Part reference: 11106