Classic hatch with storage locker 275mm x 375mm - white

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If you're looking to create a bit more storage space without the trouble of having to create internal compartments, this Nuova Rade hatch fits the bill.

It features a ready-made storage compartment behind the hatch front, enabling you to keep decent-sized objects safe, with no risk of them vanishing below.

It could also be used as a handy means of recessing a battery switch cluster, installing electrical bus bars or fuse boards or keeping other items out of sight but still close to have. 

The hatch has a non-slip surface and a low-profile design with hidden screws for a smart appearance. 

It can be mounted horizontal or vertically. The door opens virtually 180°.

The hatch features a closing handle (a lock is optional) and has an EPDM rubber gasket which provides resistance to water (approximately IPX5)

It is made of tough, UV-resistant ABS plastic and is designed for external use. 

External: 275mm x 375mm
Opening: 180mm x 280mm
Storage box: 170mm x 270mm
Storage box depth: 160mm
Part reference: 196570