Mid Line hatch with storage drawers 278mm x 378mm - white

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If you're looking to create a bit more storage space without the trouble of having to create internal compartments, this Nuova Rade hatch fits the bill.

It features a ready-made storage compartment behind the hatch front, already equipped with 7 pull-out storage drawers which are perfect for fishing tackle or other oddments. 

The hatch has a low-profile design with hidden screws for a smart appearance. 

The hatch features a closing handle (a lock is optional) and has an EPDM rubber gasket which provides resistance to water (approximately IPX5/IPX6)

It is made of tough, UV-resistant ABS plastic and is designed for external use. 


External: 275mm x 375mm
Opening: 180mm x 280mm
Depth: 160mm
Storage boxes (internal dimensions):
 - 2x 195mm x 125mm x 47mm
 - 2x 90mm x 125mm x 47mm
 - 3x 55mm x 125mm x 47mm

Condition: new and unused Part number: 196284