Shower / storage case with lid 145mm x 191mm

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Storage case with hatch cover, suitable for a shower head or as a small storage locker.
The door latches shut, but is not waterproof. 

The hatch is supplied 'blank' ie with no holes in the internal box, which allows the hose inlet to be drilled in any position or for the hatch to be used as a small storage locker, eg for a mobile phone (it will fit a standard iPhone 6 or 7).

Potential uses include fitting to a RIB console as a handy storage locker for small items eg keys, mobile phone etc..

Internal case: 114mm x 148mm x 80mm deep
Door: 164mm x 198mm
Approx projection from mounting surface: 13mm
Depth into panel (from mounting surface): 76mm

Dimensions quoted are +/- 2mm and internal dimensions are quoted at approximate mid-depth (the box is slightly tapered).