Lock mechanism for Nuova Rade hatches

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This mechanism can be fitted to various Nuova Rade hatches.

Suitable for:
  - Industrial
  - Round hatches 190mm 42791, 47726, 46580
  - Round hatches 235mm 43565, 47725, 46579
  - Hatches with detachable cover 306x356mm 45163, 45164
  - Hatches with detachable cover 380x380mm 45175, 45176

Not suitable for:
  - Top Line
  - Mid Line
  - Classic

These locks are broadly suitable for hatches with two types of handle:
  - circular with two semi-circular cut-outs (Industrial type hatch)
  - 'lift and twist' (round and rectangular detachable cover type)

The lock is fitted by drilling a 12mm hole through the hatch - Nuova Rade hatches have a small dimple behind the door where the hole should be drilled. 

This lock is also suitable for other installations which require a lock that fits into a 12mm hole. The maximum panel thickness that this lock will fit into is 8mm, but note that the locking lever will always be 17mm behind the face of the panel. 

Part reference: 44810