Emergency boarding ladder

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This is a simple potentially life-saving solution to help a crewmember get back on board without help.

It's a compact 3-step rope ladder, which is stored inside a tube recessed into the hull of the boat - all that protrudes is a small handle that can be pulled to deploy the boarding ladder when needed, either in case of emergency or for boarding after swimming / water sports etc..

It's suitable for either Man Over Board recoveries; or for more frequent use as an aid to boarding from the water.

To use the ladder, the Man Over Board simply pulls on the plastic cap, which allows the ladder to be deployed. 

The rescue ladder consists of 3 polypropylene plastic steps held together with a rope which is attached to the tube.

It is held in a polyamide tube with a grey polypropylene cap, which is mounted in the same manner as a thru-hull fitting: simply drill a 48mm hole; insert the tube; and fit and tighten up the flange from the inside. 

Cut-out required: 48mm
Depth behind mounting surface: 235mm
Step spacing: 300mm
Maximum height above waterline for mounting: 500mm 
All dimensions +/- 3mm

Part reference: 51558