Cyclic 12 navigation light - starboard

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Lalizas Cyclic 12 navigation lights, suitable for boats up to 12m per COL REG 72 and NFJ 6-102.

These side-mount navigation lights are fitted by various OEM manufacturers including Quicksilver, Jeanneau, Beneteau etc.. 
The light has a 112.5° spread.
They are made of tough PA6 plastic and PMMA (plexiglass), non-magnetic stainless steel for electrical contacts and a nitrile water resistant seal to provide reliable long life

Installation is simple: just fix the baseplate, connect up to your boat's 12v system and put the cover back on the light. 

The light includes a 12v 5W bulb, so is ready-to-go. The bulb can be changed by the end-user if the vessel has a 24v system, i.e. the 12v bulb can be replaced by a 24v bulb (not included). 
Height: 86mm
Length: 98mm
Depth: 52mm
Hole centres: 35mm
Dimensions quoted are +/- 2mm
Product reference: 30471