Automatic bilge pump 600gph

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This submersible automatic bilge pump combines quality and ease of use in one device.

It has a built-in automatic float switch which activates the pump when the bilge water rises, thereby allowing the pump to operate even when the boat is unattended.

The pumping capacity is 600GPH (45 litres / minute) through a 19mm (3/4”) hose.

The pump also features a manual test button that allows you to test the level switch as well as the pump.

It has a snap on strainer base making installation and maintenance simple.

The pump housing is made of durable ABS plastic. 

Voltage: 12V DC
Fuse: 3A

Base: 145mm x 82mm (overall)
Height: 90mm
Hose connection: 19mm / 3/4"

Part reference: 31150