Classic hatch 275mm x 375mm - white

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Nuova Rade's Classic deck hatch, ideal for access to storage compartments on board and ideal for inspecting fuel lines, electrical cables, control cables, battery switches and so on. 

The hatch has a non-slip surface and a low-profile design with hidden screws for a smart appearance. 

It can be mounted horizontal or vertically. The door opens virtually 180°.

The hatch features a closing handle (a lock is optional) and has an EPDM rubber gasket which provides resistance to water (approximately IPX5).

It is made of tough, UV-resistant ABS plastic and is designed for external use.


External: 275mm x 375mm
Cut-out: 198mm x 298mm
Opening: 180mm x 280mm
Dimensions correct within +/- 5mm

Part reference: 196567