Flexible water tank 200 litres

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These flexible water tanks solve the problem of storing water on your boat or in your motorhome or caravan.

They are made of non-toxic PVC and are suitable for storing drinking water. 

The tank is supplied with two tank connection fittings welded into the material. These include elbow fittings for inlet (38mm) and outlet (12mm) which can be rotated. There is no need for a breather connection.

The two connection fittings are already installed, one on the top of the tank and the other below. The elbows can be fitted to either location, but it is preferable to put the inlet on the top and the outlet on the bottom.

The tanks are easy-to-install and have the advantage that they can be fitted into a space where it would be impossible to fit a solid tank. Note that it is possible to install these tanks into a space slightly smaller than the footprint of the tank without problems as they pull in slightly when they are filled. 

NOTE: The image is a file image and may not be for the same size tank as this listing. Please check the dimensions in the table below as the image may not be representative of the shape of the tank in this listing. 



Capacity: 200 litres

Dimensions: 74cm x 170cm, rectangular shape

Approximate height when filled: 53.5cm

NOTE: these are the revised version of these water tanks, which were originally sold under the Lalizas brand but are now sold as Nuova Rade tanks. The location of the connections on the revised tanks is fixed and can not be changed, but the heat-welded fitting is much improved and the installation is this easier - and at virtually no risk of leakage.