Water tank connection kit

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This water connection kit is suitable for Diablo tanks. 
The hatch is secured and seated by rotating its: it is locked into position by means of a locking pin that prevents loosening.

To clean the tank, just lift the locking pin and remove the hatch by unscrewing it.

This kit comprises the blue water tank hatch and the following components:
      - 1x right angle connector 38mm for filler (1½" thread)
      - 1x right angle connector 17mm for vent (¾" thread)
      - 1x right angle connector for 13mm water supply (¾" thread)
      - 2x pick-up tube to fit ¾" water supply connection (1 spare)
      - 1x cap for blanking off sender port
      - 1x locking pin

Part reference: 197488