Recessed battery switch 250A

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The 250 Amp battery master switch is mounted in a recessed box with a waterproof cover that's sealed with an o-ring. The box itself is sealed with a gasket, to prevent water from entering the console. 

This is idea for open boats, where the battery master switch can be mounted in a console or locker cover and easily accessed, without having to lift a seat or move things inside a locker. 

The battery switch is kept dry and the cover keeps the boat looking tidy and the switch away from being accidentally knocked or able to snag a rope and get switched off. 

The battery switch has a removable key for added security and is provided with a rubber cap for when the key has been taken out. 

Cover: 95mm x 95mm
Depth: 72mm (excluding battery terminals)
Depth: 103mm (including battery terminals)
Casing diameter: 68mm
Cover protrusion from mounting surface: 5mm

Part reference: 196385